Announcements - July 19, 2020



Livestream Continues

We will continue to offer our livestream service at 10:30am even as we welcome our church family back into the building this week. We know there are all kinds of reasons you need or choose not to come to an in-person service. We remain commited to serving all of you and providing a worsihp service that meets you where you are. If you will remain worshipping with us from home, click HERE to access the livestream.

Woven Campfire

Woven Campfire Social

This coming Friday, July 24th, Woven will host an all ladies Campire Social at 7:00pm. We will gather outside at Anita Lambert's home. Bring a chair and a snack. Sweet tea and water provided. Sit by the campfire and catch up! For details and location information, email Amy Owen or Anita Lambert.


Next Steps Together

We have been praying and planning for months about the next steps we can take together. Pastor David has put together information and a video for you to outline how we will begin to once again offer an in person and indoor worship experience for our church family. Learn more HERE and check out all of the details before you arrive at church. Also, we ask you to kindly fill out the survey sent out each week letting us know how you plan to continue worshipping with us each Sunday.

student ministry calendar 2020

Student Ministry Summer Calendar

The student ministry has several outdoor events for our students in the coming weeks. Click HERE to visit the Student Minstry page and see all of the details. Contact Pastor Marshall with questions.

church conference1

Church Conference

It is the intention of the deacons and church leadership to hold a church conference Sunday, August 16 to elect new deacons. Details about where, how, and exactly when that meeting will take place will be sent as soon as the information is finalized. A full list of the eligible deacon candidates was sent out by Pastor David earlier this week. If you need additional details, please contact Angela.

Bible Study pic Sept 2020

Fall Ladies' Bible Study

Join us in early September for God of Creation with Jen Wilkin, a 10-Session, verse by verse Study of Genesis 1-11. Exact day and time will be confirmed closer to the start date. The opening chapters of Genesis teach us fundamental truths about God's character. We watch Him bring light after darkness, order after chaos, and rest after toil ---all through the power of His Word. Genesis 1-11 addresses our deepest questions, declaring to us a transcendent God and shaping our understanding of the Bible as a whole. Revisit familiar stories and historical figures, challenge our basic knowledge, grasp anew the attributes of God and a deeper ability to love Him with the totality of our heart, mind, soul and strength. Member book: $17 For additional details contact Shari Penland.


Sunday School on Campus

Some of our Sunday School classes will continue to meet on campus outdoors. Other classes will continue to meet virtually until we are deeper into Phase 3 of the government restrictions related to COVID-19. Some classes will take a hybrid approach offering both. If you are interested in joining one of our Sunday School classes, please reach out the Kenneth Ragland, our Sunday School director for more information. 

Outdoor Service1

Outdoor Service Continues

Our Sunday morning outdoor service will continue to meet this week at 9:00am on the field or in the parking lot between the administration building and the church depending on how wet the field is that morning. Please park in the parking lot between the church and the lodge and walk behind the church building to the field. We will have a couple of tents set up for shade. You are welcome to bring your own tents as well and store them in the administration building basement as long as we continue to meet outdoors. Please continue to bring your own seating and any additional sunshade - hats, umbrellas, etc. Music lyrics for this week's service can be found HERE.


Hey! Real Quick: New Episode This Week

During the summer, Pastor David will be addressing our questions about the Bible on our podcast, Hey! Real Quick.  Make sure your subscribe and sign up to get notified when new episodes are available. Check out more details, how to subscribe, and to submit a question for Pastor David to address in the show HERE. This is a great listen while on your way to work or running an errand.


Family Resources for Worship

Each week resources will be posted to help you teach and worship with your child(ren) at home. Make sure you check these out each Sunday and reach out to Pastor Marshall for extra guidance or if you need additional resources while we are worshipping at home. Click HERE to access the resources.