Family Ministries Resources



Family Ministries Resources

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! As we post these resources, it is our hope that they will be beneficial to your family as y'all seek to grow closer to the Lord together.

KidLevel @ Home

“Holly Jolly Kitchen At Home” is a three-week series created to do as a family at home. In this series, preschoolers will help bake special orders in Chef Jolly’s bakery and elementary schoolers will join the set of a special, holiday cooking show called the Holly Jolly Kitchen. Each week includes a family lesson that parents can use with both preschool and elementary kids, as well as a preschool and elementary video to help kids discover the gift of Christmas that is too wonderful for words - Jesus!

For parents of teenagers, I have posted the Daily Devotional page and the Family Connections page. I would encourage all parents to take advantage of the things that I post each week. Click the link to see those!

I know that it is after Christmas, but I still think that this article is good dealing with talking to kids about Christmas. You can use it next year, if not this year.

As we started this pandemic, there was a lot written about youth. As we start dealing with rising numbers again, these articles are relevant again. Please read this article if you are seeing some change in your child.


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