Family Ministries Resources



Family Ministries Resources

This is your weekly reminder that we are 9 Sundays away from Christmas. I am listening to Christmas music while I am writing this! I love Christmas. I don’t love Christmas because of the gifts that I get, although those are usually great, I don’t love Christmas because I get to see family, that is usually great too. I love Christmas because of Jesus coming to earth to die for my sins and your sins. As I post these resources each week, it is my hope that they will aid in you discipling your kids while they are at home and not in “regular” school.


KidLevel @ Home

"Right on Time" is an eight-week series created to do as a family at home. In this series, kids will learn from the life of Joseph and see what God requires of us as we walk with Him every day. Each week includes a family lesson that parents can use with both preschool and elementary kids, as well as a preschool video and an elementary video to help kids discover that they can love God by acting justly, showing mercy, being humble, and obeying Him!

For parents of teenagers, I have posted the Daily Devotional page and the Family Connections page. I would encourage all parents to take advantage of the things that I post each week. Click the link to see those.

Do your kids have smartphones? Do your kids watch movies? It is my hope that this resource will help as you navigate those things!

Teaching kids and students to pray is important. It is my hope that this article helps you think through how you are doing that.



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