What do we mean when we say "missions"? At Green Level Baptist Church, missions is a term we use to describe the groups outside of the church working to spread the love of Christ and the gospel with people in our communities and around the world. 

Twelve percent of the church's total budget is dedicated to missions. Each one of our mission partners and outreach initiatives is given a percentage of that 12%. Some chose to give above and beyond what the church allocates - giving through their time, energy, and resources to these groups. 

It is not our intention to just send these groups a check each month, but rather to engage with them personally through phone calls, emails, visits, prayer and volunteering. We are not interested in being on the sidelines of their work rooting "for" their success. Instead, we want to be WITH them in the trenches, fighting to bring the hope of salvation to all within their sphere of influence and supporting their unique position and qualifications to go and reach those we can't.



Below is a list of some of our mission partners and an update on how they have been impacted by the pandemic and stay-at-home orders. There are also ways you can support these groups personally through prayer and in additional contributions beyond what the church makes from your tithes and offerings.

Eddie Evans 2

Eddie Evans - Bethel International Church in Ethiopia

Eddie is from the Green Level community and has been serving as a pastor in Ethiopia for years. He serves the church and at a school serving kids kindergarten through 10th grade. This school is in an extremely poor area. Since the corona virus pandemic began and schools closed, the students are no longer paying tuition and the donations for scholarships for those kids have dwindled. Most of the children pay only partial tuition or are scholarshiped. The school needs to be able to continue to pay its teachers and staff. For many of them their salary is their only source of income and they are living month to month. Additionally, some of the children's parents are struggling to pay for the basic food and hygiene needs of the children. Thankfully, the virus has not been widespread in Ethiopia, but its impact is still being felt through loss of wages, community and education.

UPDATE (May 15, 2020) -

The teachers' salaries have been covered through May and donations from coffee purchases helped provide food and sanitary supplies to 11 families from the school! Read Eddie's latest letter and update HERE.

How can you pray for Eddie and the people he serves?

  • Continue to pray that Ethiopia's cases of COVID-19 remain low and that the country can ease gathering restrictions and school closings soon. 
  • Pray for the teachers and students served by the church and the school in the area. 

How can I help?

  • Purchase coffee! - Through the month of May, Genesis Coffee Lab is donating $4 from the purchase of each bag of coffee sold to the basic food and hygiene needs of the rural school children in Wonji-Shoa. Free shipping for orders between 2-5 bags. Click HERE to go to Genesis Coffee Lab.
  • Give - Money raised will go to continue to pay the teachers through this time of school closures. Donations are taken through Global Impact. PLEASE indicate "Friends of WSE" account to allocate the donation for the school. Click HERE for details.


Hope Reins1

Hope Reins - Pairs hurting kids with rescued horses to find hope and healing and restoration in Christ.

Hope Reins is a 33-acre horse ranch in Raleigh, NC serving kids (ages 5-18) in crisis using rescued horses to demonstrate restoration in Christ. Their services are free and made possible by donoations.Hope Reins is one of our newest missions partners. Prior to COVID-19, we participated in barn chores at the ranch, helping to keep up the ranch grounds while learning more about their services and mission. This year we began supporting them financially as well. While we are unable to go to the ranch during the sty-at-home order we ill continue to contribute to their cause. The ranch is currently closed to everyone except essential staff. They are continuing to reach out the kids via online resources, messages from their session leaders and activities and packets about the horses. Their annual budget had to be adjusted and was cut in half from what was originally planned.

How can you pray for Hope Reins and the children they serve?

  • Pray for the health of the staff and volunteers needed to maintain the ranch and care for the horses. 
  • Pray for the children served by Hope Reins. Their crisis does not take a break and has not ended because the virus. Many of them may be in difficult circumstance more than they might otherwise. Pray for a hand of protection over them and that the resources provided by their session leader will be enough to sustain them while they are away.
  • Pray for the necessary funds to come in to continue their mission.

How can you help?

  • Give - if you feel led to give to this organization, please click HERE. Right now, any donation toward their virutal fundraising event will be doubled up to $25,000!
  • Buy - You can also buy Hope Reins merchandise. Click HERE to go to the online shop.
  • Commit to volunteering when we can serve in person again, as part of our church group or as a family. Barn chores are every Saturday morning from 8:30am-11:00am for all ages. For more information about how to volunteer, click HERE


North Carolina Baptist Children's Homes - Many ministries beating with one heart

The heart of Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) beats with a rhythm of hope that extends to children, families and adults throughout 21 North Carolina communities and an orphanage in Guatemala. For each person's distinct need, there is a unique BCH service ready to help. A nonprofit, BCH provides a variety of services including caring homes for children, supportive homes for single mothers and their children, caring homes for special needs adults, quality weekday education for boys and girls, and loving support for the frail aging. Our congregation supports the Baptist Children's Homes through our donations but also through volunteerism and supply collections throughout the year. 

The stay-at-home order in NC has presented some new challenges for BCH. Their annual food/supply drive is postponed until the fall meaning much of the donated resources they rely on will be depleted or dried up with the delay. Additionally, children usually go home to their families after each session. At this time, campers are not allowed to return home and will be staying on at the camps increasing the need for additional food and supplies. 

How can you pray for BCH and the children they serve?

  • Pray their resources will multiply and go further than expected to account for the extra time the children will remain at camp and for the delay in the food/supply drive
  • Pray everyone at the camps remain healthy and can continue to serve the children and their families. 
  • Pray for a supernatural abundance during the fall food/supply drive to make up for the depleted resources.
  • Pray this extra time with the kids can be used for His glory and to develop deeper relationships with God and each other.

How can you help?

UPDATE: The towel collection was a success and the supplies will be picked up later this week.

Philippines School 1

Robin Cabasan - Pastor/Missionary at Open Door Baptist Church in Philippines & Malawi

Robin and his family serve in the Philippines and are planting a church in Malawi. His recent plans to return to Malawi were cancelled due to the Coronavirus. This has turned his immediate attention to his community in the Philippines and getting much needed rice to the poor. With each bag of rice Robin hands out a gospel tract and shares the gospel with each individual. There are shortages of money and supplies from time to time. Currently, car payments are waived in the Philippines so Robin has been using money allotted for his car payment to buy rice instead of waiting for donations. The people are hungry and cannot wait. In addition, Robin has developed a relationship with a store owner to extend him a line of credit so he can get the rice now and pay for it as funds come in. In addition to food distribution, Robin's church group is working to raise money and construct a Sunday School/Education building. They can finish Phase 1 of the project with $5,000. 

While not physically in Malawi, he does remain in touch with the community there. The government in Malawi is not providing any financial or resource assistance to the people. Many of them rely on daily hunting, gathering, farming and trading for their food every day. With stay-at-home orders in place many are hungry or risk going out to get food for fear of starvation. Robin is working to collect funds to provide corn/maize and hygiene items for the people there. 

How can you pray for Robin and the people he serves in the Philippines and Malawi?

  • Pray for Robin and his family's continued health. He is continually out in public meeting the most basic needs for the community.
  • Pray for the completion of the Sunday School/Education building and that the needed funds or supplies would be donated so they can expand their ministry.
  • Pray for the the needed funds to continue to supply food for the people in the Philippines. He currently owes the store owner $600 for food already distributed. 
  • Pray for a young school teacher who recently received Christ as his Savior. 
  • Pray for funds to purchase corn for the Malawi community and for the non-governmental organization and missionaries trying to provide it.

How can you help?

  • Give - several projects need funding. 
    • $600 to pay of store owner who provided rice
    • $5,000 for Sunday School building
    • Purchase a bag or rice or corn ($20/110 lbs.)
  • Any donation can be sent to Heartbeat International Missions (specify the donation purpose and Robin Cabasan) P.O. Box 1941 Elizabethton, TN 37644-1941