Prayer Meeting | 10.08.20

When & Where

Thursday, October 8 at 7pm via Zoom

How to Join?

Via Zoom:
Via Phone Call: (929) 205-6099 (Meeting ID: 861 4523 8408)

Prayer Points

Prayer Point #1

Pray for the virus (Shari P.)

1: Pray for the virus to stop spreading, Pray for families and friends who are still dealing with grief and fear.

2: Pray for the health and safety of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump and whomever is affected by the virus in the Whitehouse. Pray for the senators who are affected by the virus.

Prayer Point #2

Pray for GLBC’s kids ministry, children and teachers returning to school (Thelma H.)

1: Pray for the kids and kids ministry leaders as we begin our children's fall programs

2: Pray for the safety and well-being of the children, parents and teachers who have planned to return to in-person classes

3: Pray for discernment and compassion to administrators, superintendents, school boards, principals and teachers and who are making decisions when in-person classes resume

Prayer Point #3

Pray for the upcoming elections (David A.)

1: Pray that men and women of God will be elected to public office in all levels of leadership—local, state, and national

2: Pray that Christians across our nation will take advantage of their God-given right and vote for candidates who will stand for Biblical values.

3: Pray that candidates and all of us would have listening ears and soft hearts, Pray that God will change the hearts of leaders and officials who are far from Him.

Prayer Point #4

Pray for the mental health issues of high school, college kids, and young adults (Shari P.)

1: Pray for God’s comfort and relief for those who are troubled in mind and spirit.

2: Pray for the families who are affected and for their peace, hope, consolation and an increase in their perseverance as they face challenges to recovery for their loved one.

3: Pray for the protection and defense of those living with mental illness from exploitation, addictions and abuse

Prayer Point #5

Pray for employment and economy (Thelma H.)

1: Pray for unity among response agencies in an organized and harmonious fashion to bring quick and effective resolve to the demands of this crisis

2: Pray for the unemployment numbers to go down and that people will be employed. Pray for small businesses that are not allowed to open yet to find ways to help their businesses reopen.

3: Pray for our leaders and their discernment, understanding, and knowledge so that our country may know stability internally and abroad.