Pastor David Update


This Weekend & New Series

First, weather permitting, we will continue with the same schedule we had last Sunday. I know Angela highlighted this in yesterday's "Green Level LIVE," but I made a video (below) walking through this schedule again.

Second, we will start a new "Summer Series" next Sunday, May 31. This summer, we're going to look at the biblical doctrine of our "union with Christ." This union is both one of the major themes of the New Testament and one of the greatest gifts of our salvation. I am excited to look at together this summer.

Awana & T&T Video

First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to each leader, listener, kid, and parent who participated in this year's Awana. It was certainly a different and difficult year. I was blown away by the leadership of Amy and Anita and the flexibility and adaptability of our leaders. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. 

Second, I know our last in-person meeting was at the beginning of March. No closing ceremony. No celebration. So, I wrote a little song for my T&T Group. It's cheesy, but I hope it makes them - and you - smile.