July Prayer Meeting



Our July Prayer Meeting is tonight, July 9 at 7pm. Here's how you can join:

Video & Audio: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83322307611
Audio Only: (929) 205-6099 [meeting ID: 833 2230 7611]


Prayer Point #1

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise

- Thank the Lord for bringing us together during these tough situations
- Thank the Lord for meeting our provisions and needs
- Thank the Lord for technology so we can come together online to praise and worship him, for hearing from Pastor & staff on Facebook live frequently
- Thank the Lord for good health for our staff (Pastor. David, Pastor. Marshall, Angela, Shelly & R.W.)
- Thank the Lord for the good health provided for our church members
- Thank the Lord for the outdoor service and Sunday school classes
- Thank the Lord for the approval for the temporary certificate of occupancy 

Prayer Point #2

Prayer for the current COVID situation

- Pray for people who have lost their loved ones and infected due to COVID-19
- Pray for the decrease of COVID-19 cases in our state and in Florida, California, Georgia, Arizona and Texas
- Pray for healthcare workers in all categories - doctors, nurses, technicians
- Pray for business establishments as they start to re-open
- Pray for economic recovery in the USA and around the world
- Pray for researchers and organizations working towards a cure for Corona
- Pray specifically for countries such as the USA, India, Russia and Mexico where the cases are rising
- Pray for wisdom for administrators, principals, teachers and parents to decide on what to do when the schools/colleges reopen. (Plan B and Plan C)

Prayer Point #3

Pray for racial relations and justice, forgiveness and healing

- Pray God to heal our land from hating God and others
- Pray to love everyone regardless of color, ethnicity, political differences
- Pray to realize that everyone is made in God’s image
- Pray for reconciliation, forgiveness and lead with humility
- Pray for our hearts to be softened due to recent circumstances
- Pray for families impacted by recent violence’s in major cities (4 kids under the age of 10 were killed on the July 4th weekend)

Prayer Point #4

Pray for reopening of worship places specifically our Church 

- Pray for guidance as to when we can re-open the church
- Pray for all GLBC ministries to continue even if the re-open is delayed
- Pray for the finances of GLBC
- Pray for a dedication of heart to devout in prayer
- Pray that the Church would act out of faith, not fear, in its response to the virus
- Pray for the Staff and Deacons at GLBC
- Pray that congregants would benefit from all the resources that the Church provides them

Prayer Point #5

Pray for our Federal, State and local Governments

- Pray for our Federal Government, our President, Vice-President, Senators, House members and the cabinet for wisdom and guidance
- Pray for our State Government, our Governor, State Senate and House members for wisdom and guidance to run the State
- Pray for our Town Mayors and Town councils and various departments in the town guidance for child care when parents are returning to work

Prayer Point # 6

Pray for our spiritual growth

- Pray for the gift of faith and trust
- Pray for spiritual hunger and desire to love our God more and know more about HIM
- Pray for renewing of Holy Spirit in each individual’s life
- Pray for becoming Ambassadors of Christ in this temporary world
- Pray for discernment and wisdom
- Pray to lead a prayerful life and make prayer as a routine in everyday life
- Pray for the lost that their hearts may be opened by the Holy Spirit