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How will Green Level respond to a positive COVID-19 case?

1: Once our Senior Pastor, Deacon Chair, or Family Deacon has been made aware that someone within our church has tested positive for COVID-19, the following individuals will be notified:

All Pastors

Our Office Manager & Community Facilitator

The Deacon Chair

The Family Deacon of the Infected Individual

2: If these individuals are able to determine that the infected individual attended and/or participated in an in-person Green Level service, class, group, meeting, etc. within the CDC’s recommended window of 48 hours before either (a) illness onset or (b) a positive test, the following individuals will be notified:

The leader(s) of any service, class, group, meeting, etc., in which the individual attended and/or participated during the CDC’s recommended window.

3: Working with these leaders to determine points of exposure as best as possible, the following individuals will be notified:

> Pod 1 Individuals will be contacted via telephone call, email, and/or text message (if possible).

> Pod 2 Individuals will be contacted via email. 

4: The Senior Pastor, Deacon Chair, or Office Manager & Community Facilitator will alert the Properties Committee Chair and Housekeeper to the possible need for additional cleaning, including:

If a room or space will be used again within 7 days of when the infected individual was last present, we will disinfect “high-touch surfaces” (e.g., light switches, doorknobs, tables, chairs), as well as points of known contact.

If it has been more than 7 days since the infected individual was in a room or space, then no additional cleaning is necessary. 

5: The Senior Pastor will email the congregation to communicate the following information:

An individual in our church family has tested positive for COVID-19 and we should pray for this individual (note: though Green Level is not under HIPPA, the individual will not be identified by name)

The date the individual last attended and/or participated in a Green Level service, class, group, meeting, etc.

We have contacted/will contact individuals in Pod 1 and Pod 2.

Anyone who feels sick and/or is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should stay home.

It is best to contact a local healthcare provider for specific medical questions.

Any changes to upcoming, planned services, classes, groups, meetings, etc.


When will Green Level adjust, postpone, or cancel services, classes, groups, meetings, etc.?

Within 24 Hours. Unless exposure can be 100% ruled out, any planned services, classes, groups, or meetings scheduled within 24 hours of when the Senior Pastor, Deacon Chair, and/or Family Deacon first learned of a positive COVID-19 case will be cancelled or postponed.

Outside of 24 Hours. Outside of this 24-hour window, the Senior Pastor and Deacon Chair will consult with the relevant, affected ministry leaders to determine the amount of exposure and decide how best to proceed for the next scheduled service, group, class, meeting, etc.

For example, if the majority of a group/class and its leaders are in Pod 1, that group/class should likely postpone or cancel.

If, however, the majority of a group/class and its leaders are not in Pod 1, that group/class should likely feel confident continuing as planned.


Other COVID-19 FAQs