Serve Year Round with OCC

OCC Year Round

OCC Year Round

Did you know you can serve Operation Christmas Child year round?

Thank you for what you're doing to bless children around the world! Through the shoebox gifts you’ve packed, boys and girls in need have been able to see God's love in action and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Did you know that you can partner with Samaritan's Purse throughout the year to help change the lives of children in need? As a year-round volunteer, you’ll serve on a supportive team in your local community to encourage others to pack shoeboxes—reaching even more children with the Gospel!

I am interested!

Samaritan’s Purse will provide a variety of resources to support you in your role, so you can fit being a year-round volunteer into your busy schedule.

Check out our website, where you can learn more about the benefits and expectations of serving as a year-round volunteer with Operation Christmas Child.